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    Website Design & Hosting

In today's world online connectivity has become a routine of everyday life. A business needs to embrace the increasingly tech-savvy consumer if they wish to get noticed above their competition. With a knowledge of online blogs, video platforms, and social networking businesses can reach a wider client base. In addition having a professional website can be an effective tool to promote your company and its products. Maintaining a professional online presence will give your business a competitive edge over other companies in your industry.

What makes a professional looking website?

Bold website design

Website design is the most fundamental aspect of representing your company's professional image on the web. As the Internet has evolved penetrating 74.4% of all US households creating 236 million online consumers, so too has the sophistication of its demands. No longer is it acceptable to develop a presence with website templates, stale clip art images, and boring navigational elements. To do so would diminish the audience's perception of your company.

We make use of the latest technology to design you a professional polished website. We take the time to understand your goals and your vision, and we combine it with our experience in website development to design a complete package that works for you. Structured Systems' website designs websites offer high-quality graphics, highly functional e-commerce solutions, custom database applications, animation graphics, and much more we get you noticed.

Easy website navigation

Potential customers are easily lost if a website is overly complicated. While photos of products and services are nice when relevant, you should always have a detailed description and any helpful information about your products. Create clearly labeled tabs for easy navigation through your web pages. If there is a problem navigating the website, have an easy to find comments area for customers to give constructive feedback. Also, make sure the site is designed to work in multiple types of web browsers called cross-browser compatibility. Many website development companies do not create cross-browser compatibility websites. Don't assume all users use Internet Explorer (IE) because not all websites that work in IE work on other browsers. Actually only 43.8% of online consumers use IE and is steadily decreasing. More users are adopting alternative browsers such as 29.7% use Firefox, 13% use Chrome, Safari makes up 6.1%, 2.2% use Opera, and 4.3% are mobile phone browsers.

At Structured Systems we test cross-browser compatibility to confirm that your website is displayed the right way and functions correctly in all browsers. The last thing you want is a website that only works for 43.8% of your potential clients. We develop your website to meet the intended demographics of your target audience. This way your website has a high satisfaction level that turns visitors to clients.

Website accessibility

While your website may be online, it can still be difficult to find if you're not taking advantage of the avenues to market your company. Handing out business cards and having TV/newspaper ads works for some companies, but if you want a wider client base you must tap into the resources online. Make sure you have quality web content that is both informative and well thought out. Show the passion for your industry in your website content this will pass the excitement onto your visitor. Keep your content updated, whether through a blog, a forum, or just updated pages this will keep clients returning and others coming. Whenever possible exchange links to your company site with others in your industry or area. This will leave virtual trails to your company, and will also increase your search engine listing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an on going process and the more links and content you have the better chances you have of being found.

We help you with your SEO by taking the content you provide and rewriting it and/or adding additional verbiage and tags to get the most out of your content. Structured Systems has the experience and the skill to help you make your company shine.

Why website design and hosting through Structured Systems?

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and dedication to details. You can choose to go with one of those large host and development firms where you are only a number. But why would you when you can get more from Structured Systems your local Citrus County based website development and hosting firm. We are here to help you not just send your questions off to hard to understand call-center overseas. A local website company with the skills and attention that you will appreciate and come to expect.

Quality Services

We can host and maintain your website after development, so you do not have to spend time trying to balance your responsibilities and focus between business matters and website maintenance. Structured Systems offers website updates with no long wait, like with other companies, to keep your site looking fresh and new which will attract customers to keep coming back. We offer a wide range of website hosting and design packages and will custom cater one to met any needs and budget. The Internet, much like a company, is constantly changing and evolving don't let either get behind because your competition won't!

If you're looking to establish a website or if you already have a website design that needs to be refurbished, then please consider Structured Systems as your partner in the website development.