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  • Application Development

    We know IT!

    From WinForms to mobile platforms we have 16 years of application development to build you exactly what you want.

    Application Development

Structured Systems has 16 years of development experience. Through that experience we have developed a vast variety of applications, modified existing programs, and provided our expert advice on sales pitches from software vendors. When your company is looking to purchase, develop, or implement a new software suite your first choice should be Structured Systems.

Software Development

At Structured Systems, we are a full featured application engineering company. We use a full software development lifecycle by analyzing your needs, with them we create a design that will meet the requirements. Next, we use this design to develop the application and begin to test that the systems meets the defined requirements. Finally, we implment, train, and provide maintenance which allows for the application to evolve and possibly start the process all over again with enhancements. We can develop an application to meet your exact company needs from standalone desktop software to web applications we do it all. We keep up-to-date with emerging software frameworks in order to provide you with the most valuable well versed development team available.

Already invested in a software suite that you wish could do more? Contact Structured Systems, we can develop enchancements to your existing software to being together those much needed features. Sometimes, software vendor sales people can make their products sound like they can do everything. Have Structured Systems review the technical documentation and get a clear picture of what the software can and cannot do. Use our technical understanding and experience to ask those pointed questions that cut through the pitch and get the answers you really need.

Mobile App Development

With the insurgence of mobile device usage it may be time for your company to harness its potential for mobility, visibility, and/or productivity. We can do that! Structured Systems has been developing mobile applications long before "App" became a buzz-word. Don't get stuck with some fly-by-night mobile app sales pitch from people just looking to make a quick buck. Contact Structured Systems we will give you the straight answer if a dedicated mobile apps is right for you or simply a mobile friendly web application.

Structured Systems can turn your comapny's mobile devices into digital swiss army knives. Need to do warehouse inventory? No need to purchase multiple expensive single function barcode scanners turn your fleet of mobile phones into the tools you need. Need employee/job tracking? No need for a dispatch system just use a smart mobile phone application to provide vehicle tracking and jobsite synchronization. Automatically, log arrival and departure times as well as travel times and route analysis.

Web Application Development

If you want an application that can be used across all platforms and accessed from any location then a web-based application is what you need. We combine our skills in website hosting and design with those of platform applpication development to bring you a truly one-stop shop for all your development needs. Structured Systems can link into your existing software or create an entirely custom backend then design a cross-platform, mobile friendly web interface. Providing you with the mobile access you need with the powerful application backbone that is cloud computing.