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  • Network Communication

    We know IT!

    Allow us to manage, maintain, and secure your network from implementation to preventative maintenance, we do it all.

    Network Communication

In today's business environment computer networking is simply cost effective; allowing offices to share resources that otherwise would need to be purchased for each individual machine. However, many companies are not using networks to their fullest potential.

At Structured Systems we are committed to achieving your company's absolute computer network integration. This can be accomplished through resource sharing, department information incorporation, and company communication.

Network infrastructure

Whether you have an existing network topology or need one desgined and implemented from the ground up. Structured Systems can get you connected in every way from a large area wireless mesh to multi-location remote office virtual private networks. We will design a network infrastructure that will meet your business needs and keep you connected to those mission critial resources. Has your business outgrown that consumer wireless router and network switches? Have Structured Systems setup and configure the proper enterprise-grade equipment from managed switches to smart firewall appliances. We not only know what you need but how to optimize it so that you get the highest connection speeds and best security possible. Our services don't stop and implementation we also offer an entire suite of service packages to ensure that you continue to get the most our of your hardware.

Server Management

One of the most noted benefits of networking is resource sharing. From sharing files to system backups, implementing a network server is extremely valuable. Network servers can be setup to do all the heavy lifting of centralizing your company's data. Create shared volumes with granular permissions and access control giving proper access to those files to the right workgroups, teams, or specific individuals who need it and lock out those who don't. Let Structured Systems configure and manage your servers from setting up an application server for information integration or email servers for corporate communication. You can relay on us to get the job done and keep your hardware and software humming away.

We put the power of server computer to work for your business. Need to stay connected setup remote access servers to keep your employees connected to the data no matter where they are located. You never know when the next lightning storm is going to stike and take out your workstation. A single backup server can archive and backup all systems on the grid instead of performing backups on each machine individually. It doesn’t take too much to see the return on investment with server resources.

Already have servers setup for your business. When were they last optimized and updated. Don't let your data get comprimisesd just because you haven't had the time to perform those critial security updates. Allow Structured Systems to manage your server hardware and software to ensure you continue to get the most out of your equipment and rest easy that your data is secure.

Information Integration

Many companies do not use their server to its fullest potential, overlooking the benefits of network information integration. Data entry, from inventory to payroll is one of the most time consuming activity in companies today. With a computer network, no longer is it cost effective to use independent programs for each aspect of the company or maintain software licenses for each workstation just for a hand full of uses

Structured Systems can bring all departments under one umbrella, allowing data to be moved electronically without re-entry. We can setup applications to work seamlessly allowing everyone to work from the same centralized information bank cutting data entry time dramatically. We can reduce your software licensing fees by using cloud computing on your server and grant remote desktop. This way you only need to purchase one license for that expensive software suite and grant users access remote to use it only when it is needed.

Corporate Communication

Make the most of your network with various methods of business communication. The methods by which we are able to communicate today are amazing. Structured Systems can show you how to make it work in your organization. Do a lot of business out-of-town? Those long distance fees can get quite hefty. Implement a voice over IP system to drastically cut phone expenses.

All companies need a professional email address if not an entire web presence. At Structured Systems we can provide both. Are you tired of all the junk you get using your @aol.com or @yahoo.com email addresses? We can set you up with a professional email address and teach you how to prevent junk mail. Is it time for you to go wireless? Structured Systems can integrate your wireless devices too. From receiving emails and using messaging to running reports we can bring it to you on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Now that’s what you call full network integration. Don’t have a computer network yet? Maybe it's time you see how much one can save you. Structured Systems offers a wide range of network consulting solutions from management to maintenance to implementation. Let us bring it together for you!